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Chapter 0 : Prelude

Good day y’ all! It’s I, your narrator. Some of you may know me from the Club’s Instagram page where I ‘ve been torment-ertaining you in my free time. Well I am here too (don’t start running I ‘ve infiltrated your camera, I know where you ‘re headed at) and I am here to take you on another magical journey. This time we will talk about books.

You see, in essence, books are nothing more than sheets of wood held together. But they are not appealing to the materialistic nature of ours but to something much deeper. Oh god I am getting poetic. Anyway. I continue. They are appealing to our minds, our psyche, our imaginations. They take us by hand and via a deluge of roller-coasting (yes that’s a word now) sentiments they tell a story. Random (or not so much) sequences of letters, words and paragraphs can get you angry, happy or even crying (that’s for you. Narrators don’t cry. Have you ever seen a narrator cry?). And it’s magical how you don’t want to stop reading even though you are feeling things that upset you, that make you ponder and reflect. Even though generally I neither ponder nor reflect. In my life, like, in-in general, you know.

And because I see you eager to discover new stories ready to unfold, I ‘ve asked my little Drama Elves to prepare a list of worthy to go travels. Each week, a new a Chapter unfolds and I ‘ll be there to guide you…


Recommended by Marialena Koulouridi

Chapter 1: Turtles All The Way Down


Recommended by Anastasia Loverdou

Chapter 3: Nutshell


Recommended by Maria Episkopou

Chapter 5: Night Circus


Recommended by Panagiota Katsikosta

Chapter 2 : The Cather in the Rye


Recommended by Elena Kodrou

Chapter 4: Cinder


Recommended by Zeta Platanou

Chapter 6: A Passage to India

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