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Theocharis Tzimas (Θεοχάρης Τζίμας)

Technical Support

Harris is the “different”kid on the block. Yes, he entered the Department of English Language and Literature of the UoA in 2018. Yes, he joined the Drama Club in 2020. But here end the similarities with everyone else on this page. ​ Harris had no prior connection with the arts before entering this Club. He had no special interest in theatre or dancing or anything like that. He did not. He disliked literature and preferred linguistics. Mad stuff! Yet he decided to change this by joining the Club! ​ Other interests of his include photography, video editing, new technologies and gaming. Apart from these, he also likes learning new languages and eating. With a special emphasis on eating. I mean, he really loves eating.



Theocharis Tzimas (Θεοχάρης Τζίμας)
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