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Maria Eleni Koulouridi (Μαρία Ελένη Κολουρίδη)

Coordinator / Set

Marialena Koulouridi started her studies at the Department of English Language and Literature in the University of Athens in 2018 (what a year!).

She joined the drama club in 2019 because a) she is dramatic and b) she wanted to expand her writing skills and meet artistic souls.

She likes to read and learn poems by heart. She loves the sea and the sunsets and she tries her hand at baking and writing. The latter could improve though. She would like to teach or become an author. She also sings Christmas songs all year round. Is it annoying? YES. Will she stop? NO



Maria Eleni Koulouridi (Μαρία Ελένη Κολουρίδη)
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