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Dimitra Mitrousia (Δήμητρα Μητρούσια)


Dimitra entered the English Language and Literature department in 2017. She felt really glad and blessed about it but her excitement became greater when she became a member of the department’s Drama Club in the same year, making that one of the best experiences in her life.

She took part in two productions, 12 Angry Men (2018) and A MIdsummer Night’s Dream (2019).

She has been always interested in arts. Ever since she she can remember herself, she has been singing or trying to make music. She has always loved theatre and acting as well. In her free time, she likes writing poems and lyrics. She loves reading books and going to the cinema. She is a proud Gryffindor and always in for Harry Potter Marathons. Besides, she enjoys walking by the nature. Something that people should definitely know about her is that she always forgets to to charge her phone. Literally, FORGETS it. If you hang out with her, please don’t forget to take a powerbank with you



Dimitra Mitrousia (Δήμητρα Μητρούσια)
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