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La haine (1995)

Our writer Panagiota recommends a film where riots in the neighborhoods of Paris are a common occurrence: During one of them, a young Arab man, Abdel, is attacked and severely injured. As reconciliation, another riot and attack ensue, this time against a police station in the midst of which a police officer loses his gun. The film follows Abdel’s three friends’ (Vinz, Hubert and Said) lives for approximately a day after the occurrence. During this immersive journey in seemingly mundane day of their lives, the audience is led into their world and reality, how they view and experience getthoisation, culture, and life in general in one of the Europe’s biggest capitals, but most importantly their different stances on the issue of “la haine”, hatred, and the purpose it serves - if it serves any - in the reformation of society.

« La haine attire la haine! »

98 minutes

Mathieu Kassovitz

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