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Ali : An 

Immigrant’s Monologue


By Κατερίνα Βγενά (Katerina Vgena)

 Ali: An Immigrant’s Monologue (2014)

        The persona of this monologue, which is here delivered by many voices, is a homeless immigrant who lives in Athens. 

His words draw attention to the obstacles he encountered during his risky journey from his homeland to Greece.


Despite the difficulties, the monologue highlights his positive spirit and determination to come to terms with the

cruel and inhospitable city center in addition to staying alive. In the original version, the voicing of the immigrant’s concerns in Greek was meant as an attempt to bridge the communication gap between local residents and foreign newcomers.

Directed and Presented by Members of the English Department Drama Club:

Θεοχάρη Αγγελική Μαρία (Theochari Angeliki Maria)
Ιωάννου Αλεξάνδρα (Ioannou Alexandra)
Καραμπάτη Ουρανία (Karampati Ourania)
Παπάζογλου Αναστασία (Papazoglou Anastasia)
Τάχου Ιάσωνας (Tachou Iasonas)
Χαριτάκη Αγάπη (Charitaki Agapi)
Χαφιάν Γιώργος (Hafian Giorgos)
Χριστοπούλου Μαρία (Christopoulou Maria)


Banner of the International Conference the play was read in. 27-29 November 2014.

Katerina Vgena, a graduate of our Department, wrote the monologue “Ali” as part of her contribution to the Fulbright Alumni Innovation Fund 2012 Project titled “Urban Environments in Transition” (

Christopoulou Maria and Karampati Ourania translated the first part of the monologue in English for this presentation.

Photographs by Σοφία Σάλτα (Sofia Salta) – Μ.Α. student, Department of Literature & Culture

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